Since our launch in 2013, we are one of the Top Cement Company in Rajasthan. our vision and focus has been to deliver high-value projects for our clients with the emphasis on communication and attention to detail.

We understand the importance of innovation and professionalism

Since our launch in 2013, our vision and focus has been to deliver high value projects for our clients with the emphasis
on communication and attention to detail.

Banshiwala Cements LLP is a leading producer of Cement in Rajasthan. It provides you the best solution for constructions with its building products. It is one of the Quality manufactures of India. Our company offers various engineered products such as Ordinary Portland Cement and Portland Pozzolana Cement.

You can trust upon us for Quality, Strength, and Performance. It has been the first choice of engineers and builders for construction because of its superior quality. For home builders, It is a one-stop solution to be engaged in. We are here to give you high-performance concrete based Our company empowers with great construction products and services to assist in completing your dream projects.

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An inspired approach to quality residential and commercial projects

When Banshiwala Cement was first conceived we set out to build a business model that focused on quality and attention to detail.

Today we operate with the confidence that our past has prepared us to embrace the most challenging of projects.


We provide exclusive products and services that last for generations. Our products include Portland Pozzolana Cement., and Ordinary Portland Cement. Engineering your dreams with us

Company's Strength

Banshiwala Cements LLP promises quality products created by our experts. The richly experienced and dedicated staff focuses on material composition and its strength to serve you the best.


Our goal is to provide customer satisfaction through the best quality products. We keep on investing in research and technology for new products which are suitable for modern construction needs.

Our company offers various engineered products such as Oil Well Cement, Clinker Cement, White Cement, and Ordinary Portland Cement. Let us tell you some more information about   Ordinary Portland Cement that is manufactured by Top Cement Company in Rajasthan. The organization’s way of thinking of adding to bigger to the society for fulfilling its building needs has made it the most confided brand and Top Cement Company in Rajasthan in the field cement industry. It provides you the best solution for constructions with its building products. It is one of the Quality manufactures of India. Our company offers various engineered products such as Ordinary Portland Cement and Portland Pozzolana Cement.

Ordinary Portland Cement

The name Portland Cement is given as it is similar in quality and color of the Portland stone found in Portland Island, Dorset, which is a nearly white limestone.

Constituents of Ordinary Portland Cement :

The vital crude materials utilized in the production of Ordinary Portland Cement are:

  • Argillaceous or silicates of alumina as muds and shales.
  • Calcareous or calcium carbonate, as limestone, chalk, and marble which is a blend of earth and calcium carbonate.
  • The fixings are blended to the extent of around two pieces of calcareous materials to one piece of argillaceous materials and afterwards squashed and ground in ball processes in a dry state or blended in a wet state.
  • The dry powder or the wet slurry is then sung in a revolving furnace at a temperature between 1400 degree C to 1500 degree C. the clinker acquired from the oven is first cooled and afterwards gave to ball plants where gypsum is added and it is ground to the imperative fineness as indicated by the class of item.

Top Cement Company in Rajasthan | Banshiwala Cement

We have effectively achieved a remarkable position by continuous upgrading of our work and creating the best engineering solutions for modern constructions. Our entrepreneurship has come forward to invest in the Cement Industry to contribute to the Country’s development. We connect with the partners on various projects ranging from small to largest overcoming the challenges and providing the best solutions. Our brand offers our valued customers the most technically superior cement solutions, and we commit to health safety and sustainability.

As we are the Top Cement Company in Rajasthan, we deliver the highest quality products and services to our customers through top-class technology and proficient professionals. We ensure our customers to provide all the information of product transparently, supporting them in their journey of building dreams.

We are profoundly dedicated to the people of our association as we account for our prosperity to the hard work and efforts shown by them. We encourage innovations that are environment-friendly so that they may boost the chances to accomplish objectives. Our aim is to create a Superior Quality Product for the future growth of our company and maintain leadership. Fulfilling corporate social responsibility, We hope to maintain the standards of innovation in the cement manufacturing business.

Uses of Ordinary Portland Cement

  • It is utilized for general development purposes where unique properties are not required, for example, strengthened solid structures, scaffolds, asphalts, and where soil conditions are ordinary.
  • Utilized for the majority of solid workmanship units

Pros of Ordinary Portland Cement

  • It has incredible protection from splitting and shrinkage yet has less protection from substance assaults.
  • The beginning setting time of OPC is quicker than PPC so it is prescribed in ventures where props are to be evacuated early.
  • Restoring the time of OPC is not exactly PPC and relieving cost decreases. Henceforth suggested where relieving cost-prohibitive

Banshiwala Cements LLP from Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. Initiated with the idea to furnish home builders with a one-stop-solution for building their homes. Top Cement Company in Rajasthan, Banshiwala Cements LLP has started its manufacturing in Rajasthan only to satisfy requirements of retail outlets taking into account the necessities of individual home manufacturers. The motivation behind this company is to connect with home manufacturers at all phases of the development cycle, engage them with quality development items and administrations, and help them with the completion of their dream homes.

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