Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) and Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC) both are commonly used cement types for usage. Both of these types of cement vary in terms of strength, grade, setting time, cost, curing time, heat generation, etc. Banshiwala cement is one of the top manufacturers of PPC and OPC cement India, which is produced by the finest quality of minerals and a long grinding process. Our products are made keeping in mind the requirements of each and every sector therefore there is no compromise on the quality. 


MANUFACTURING Formed by grinding OPC clinker with Pozzolana materials ( volcanic ash, clay, slag, and silica fume ) and gypsum. Basically, it is a variant of OPC This is the most common type of cement used made by grinding limestone and clay with gypsum to form minute cement particles.
STRENGTHAfter curing PPC becomes more strongInitial strength is higher than PPC
COSTCheaper than OPCCostlier than PPC
GRADING No grades available, however, its strength matches OPC 33 grade after initial curing which happens after 28 daysAvailable in three grades on the basis of durability and strength i.e, OPC 33

OPC 43

OPC 53

USAGEThey are widely used for marine construction, masonry, and plastering additionally they can be used in the same areas as OPC.Commonly used in construction, like industrial and commercial spaces, road, defense structure, and flyovers.
HEAT OF HYDRATION ( Heat generated when water and cement reacts )The process is long and it produces comparatively less amount of heat which makes it ideal for mass concreting.Produces more heat in less time and therefore can’t be used for mass concreting as it may result in cracks.
SETTING TIME Initial setting time is 30 minutes but the final setting time is 25 days which helps in getting a better finishing.Initial setting time is the same as PPC  but the final setting time is 11 days.
RESISTANCE TO CHEMICALSHIgher resistance against sulfate and chlorides.Low resistance
ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACTIs eco friendly as it constitutes of industrial wasteEmit C02 at the time of manufacturing
WORKABILITY ( how easily it can flow on the surface)HighLow
CURING TIME Minimum curing time of 10 days is requiredCuring time is 7 days

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