Banshiwala Cement is one of the top cement manufacturer in Rajasthan India producing A-grade quality PPC and OPC cement, We follow a strict screening process for checking the quality of the cement, at each level of manufacturing. We know the importance of trust that our clients have in us, and we, therefore, work to maintain that trust by providing them top quality cement that is best suitable for commercial use. We strive to become the top cement manufacturer in Rajasthan India and keep on delivering whatever the client requires.


We as a developing company are aiming for a greener and better environment, therefore we are encouraging our clients as well as other people to shift towards green building, in order to maintain a healthy and toxic-free living space and therefore contributing a little to the mother nature.

Building Green

Top Cement Manufacturer In Rajasthan India

It can be also called Sustainable Building or Green Building, which is basically the development and activity of building a structure in a resource-efficient manner that is safe environmentally as well as ecologically. Green Buildings are intended to meet certain goals and criteria, for example, usage of all the resources such as water, soil, and energy more productively, lessening the general effect on the earth, securing the wellbeing of individuals, and making an improved workplace for most efficient performance.

Benefits and Costs of Building Green

Top Cement Manufacturer In Rajasthan India

While at the initial level, expenses for green buildings can go from nothing to a practically 20% or even large, but saving the duration of the building is more significant. At times, the amounts saved for future buildings if considered are much more than the investment on later spent.

There are many hidden expenses and advantages also that lie underneath the surface and are not effectively measured. For instance, ease of living, wellbeing, and, efficiency are not taken into consideration for the calculation of real financial worth. In general, these are essential to be considered as a whole. Simultaneously, a decrease in landfill and contamination can be effortlessly estimated, however making an interpretation of that into a monetary value is not certain in this case.

How to make your home a Green Building? 

Top Cement Manufacturer In Rajasthan India

Regardless of whether the budget is tight or not, huge measures of saving resources and energy can be applied to existing buildings or homes for no more costs. Numerous building structures can be prepared at well past required industry norms for no expense. Use materials and assets all the more effectively by choosing sustainable products and other structure materials while going for home renovations, fixes, or home redesigning. This can enormously decrease your total carbon impression. Double flush toilets, low stream fixtures, zero off-gassings, and no VOCs are altogether acceptable green building materials that can fundamentally decrease the environmental condition.

Banshiwala Cement is the top cement manufacturer in Rajasthan India, that produces the best quality of PPC and OPC cement in the whole state for residential and commercial usage, keeping in mind the purity and quality of the product.