Cement when mixed with water form a slurry, which eventually hardens with air and binds together every material firmly. It is used in every construction activity in different forms. Made from limestone and clay, the raw materials and minerals are crushed together to form clinker. Gypsum is added to this clinker and further grind to form a more fine powder called ‘cement’. Banshiwala Cement is one of the top cement company in Rajasthan India, which helps you in planning to build your dream home, by giving you the strongest foundation. We manufacture our cement with state of the art technology to ensure the best quality cement with uniform particle distribution. Our cement has high compressive strength and can withstand high pressure.

Here we want to discuss, what manufacturing procedure we follow to get the best quality A-Grade cement.

Top Cement Company In Rajasthan India                      Top Cement Company In Rajasthan India


As already discussed above we know what is done to form cement, but we still don’t know how it is done to get that minute fine particles that we call cement. 2 processes are followed namely 

  • Wet process- Here the raw materials are crumbled together with water and then moved on to a wet klin for drying and further calcination to form clinkers. In this process, the water content is kept at approx 30-35%.
  • Dry process- Here also the raw materials are broken into small pieces and grind together to form a powder-like substance, after that these are sent to a dry klin for calcining to form clinkers. Here the moisture content of the minerals and the raw materials used is kept very low from 1-2%.

Which procedure to choose highly depends on these number of factors-

  • Price of the fuel
  • Local climatic condition 
  • Raw materials physical condition

The basic difference between the Dry and Wet process is-

Raw materials are mixed in a dry state.The materials are mixed in a wash mill with 30-35% water.
The fuel consumption is comparatively low, i.e approximately 100 kg of coal used/ per tonne of cement produced.Here, the fuel consumption is high i.e 350 kg coal/ ton cement.
Blenders are used that makes the cost of capital slightly highCost of establishment is less
The Klin size needed for manufacturing is comparatively smaller.The Klin size is bigger
Achieving homogeneity in the mixture is a bit difficult because of the dry state of the mixture.Raw materials are easily mixed in a wet state and a better homogenous product is achieved.
Production cost is lessCost of production is high
Whatever comes out from the mill after processing is called ‘Klin feed’The material coming out of the mill in this process, have a flowing characteristic and therefore called a ‘slurry’

Top Cement Company In Rajasthan India

Weather Dry or Wet, The cement manufacturing process is done with utmost checks and quality control to get the best grade product. We are the top cement company in Rajasthan India, and our sole aim is to never compromise on the trust that our clients place on us.