Cement is one of the most important materials used for construction, and its strength depends upon a number of factors, cement quality being the most important of all. We cannot compromise on the quality of the cement as the basic strength of the whole structure depends on it. To increase the endurance and durability of the structure and to get the desired strength of concrete, Quality cement is a necessity. Banshiwala is a quality cement manufacturers in Rajasthan India, that helps you make your home with the strongest foundation. We make top quality A-Grade cement for our clients with deep checks done during every manufacturing process so that there is not even a slight chance of compromise.


It is really important to check the quality of cement on site before starting with the regular process. Quality tests done on cement at the site ( also called post-purchase inspection), gives us a huge idea about the quality of cement that is going to be used for the whole construction purpose. Here are some of the tests that you can perform on-site, without using heavy machinery or chemicals.

Quality Cement Manufacturers In Rajasthan India                          Quality Cement Manufacturers In Rajasthan India

  • Cement Color– It must be uniform in color. Grey color with greenish shade is considered to be the best quality. Just by looking at the color, you can decide the presence of excess lime or clay in it.
  • Feel– Take a scoop in your hand, the cement should be cool to touch and must not have any lumps in it. If there are lumps present in it, that means the cement has absorbed the moisture present in the air and must be rejected immediately.

Quality Cement Manufacturers In Rajasthan India                          Quality Cement Manufacturers In Rajasthan India

Also, the cement should feel smooth, while rubbed between fingers. If you feel a little bit of hardness, this implies that the cement is mixed with sand.

  • Float Test– Throw a small quantity of cement in water, before sinking inside water the particles must float for 10-20 seconds approx. This indicates that the cement is free from impurities. 
  • Setting/ Shape Test– Take a small amount of cement and make a paste out of it. Prepare a cake-like structure and put it on a glass plate. Immerse it underwater for at least 24 hrs. Observe that the shape is retained while settling and does not form cracks.
  • Packaging Date– Cement strength decreases with time, therefore check the manufacturing date before purchasing the cement. Generally, cement must be used before 3 months of packaging. The strength loss of cement overtime is described below-
3 Months20-30
6 Months30-40
12 Months40-50
  • Strength Test– Prepare a cement block of 1×1 inch wide and 8 inches long, and put it underwater for 7 days. Place it on support, almost 15 cm apart, and load it with almost 34 kg weight. The block must not break if the cement is of good quality.
  • Smell– If the cement is giving you an earthy smell, this means it has too much clay in it and is adulterated.

Quality Cement Manufacturers In Rajasthan India                   Quality Cement Manufacturers In Rajasthan India

Banshiwala Cement passes all the quality checks and is the best quality cement manufacturers in Rajasthan India. For any query regarding cement and availability contact Banshiwala.com.