Banshiwala Cement is a Quality Cement Company in India, manufacturing oil well cement, clinker cement & white cement in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Our cement is the largest manufacturer in the cement industry. We also one of the leading cement producers globally. We always provide our buyers the best cement in quality which is hassle-free, home building solutions with its uniquely sustainable development and environment-friendly. Our production of cement is a complex process that adds multiple ingredients and after that tested it. In the testing process, we ensure compliance with the specifications, for different parameters, at different stages. We Manufacture A-Grade PPC and OPC cement using the best quality raw materials and keep a constant check at every step during the manufacturing process. We believe in providing you a plan for your dream foundation. Banshiwala cement is the largest cement company in India who provide you best Quality Cement Company in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.

Best Quality Cement Company in India | Banshiwala Cement

Let’s discuss which cement is best for house construction in India? Generally, when we talk about the varieties of cement, the first that comes to our mind is OPC or PPC. Both types of cement are useful for private construction or development work. From one perspective, OPC is effectively accessible and generally utilized. Furthermore, then again, PPC has a better compound Composition. The decision of cement relies upon different factors, for example,

  • Temperature

The decision of cement choice can shift from season to season. In summers, when the temperature is higher, your structural specialist may recommend you ought to go with PPC cement as it discharges less warmth. While then again in the event that you are developing a house in the winter season, your structural architect may request that you go with OPC cement as the setting time will be lower for OPC cement in contrast with PPC.

  • Cost

PPC costs not exactly the same as OPC. It discharges less warmth, which thus helps in diminishing breaks even in high temperatures.

  • Compound Resistance

If your soil contains a greater number of synthetic concoctions, We would recommend you to go with PPC cement as the synthetic opposition of cement is of most extreme significance and PPC gives better obstruction from synthetics.

In general, the best cement for house construction in India is PPC due to its setting time. For private development, there are 3 unique evaluations of OPC cement, which are well known: 33 Grade, 43 Grade, and 53 Grade. OPC 33 evaluation of cement will be a decent decision for putting, 43 evaluation of OPC cement can be utilized for all the reasons and OPC 53 evaluation of cement will be a superior decision for RCC structures, for example, Beams, Columns, Footings, and Slabs. PPC cement doesn’t have a particular level like OPC cement and it tends to be utilized for private construction also.

The Distinction Between OPC and PPC- Quality Cement Company in India

OPC cement is 100% dark cement, then again, PPC contains 20-30% of pozzolana materials which grants better substance opposition properties.

If you ask about the Best Cement for Slab, We suggest you go for OPC 43, OPC 53, and PPC Cement for Roofing. Always use Waterproofing arrangements according to the counsel of the structural specialist to maintain a strategic distance from any water spillage from the rooftop. While OPC 33, OPC 43, and PPC Cement can be utilized for Plastering, and OPC 43, OPC 53, and PPC Cement can be utilized for RCC work.

Now, if we compare PPC or PSC (Portland Slag Cement). PSC cement is for the most part utilized in Mass Concreting and yet can be utilized for Residential Construction too. Both the cement are acceptable, however, PPC will be favored by the most thoughtful specialists for private constructions.

There is a portion of the habitually posed questions that comes to people’s minds with respect to the utilization of cement in a private development in India. We are the Leading Manufacturers of PPC and OPC Cement in India, and we work to become the best quality cement company in India. As mentioned above we tried to help you with the choice of cement, for any further query, visit