Light Machinery is an integral part of infrastructure construction. They are used in every industry for maintenance and construction development. Each Machinery has a different application and uses and each one is integral in every construction project. Some of the commonly used Light Machinery used in infrastructure construction is- 

Concrete Kerbing Machine 

These machines are used for concrete landscaping and majorly run on diesel. There are hydraulic cylinders present at the front and back and each machine is made for easy concrete flow. They are used to pave railway and bus stations, paving borders, making car parking and pathways.

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Boring Machines 

light machinery

Are used to make holes on different surfaces like earth, machines, building, etc. The holes can easily be made of different diameters. There are 2 types of boring machine, vertical and horizontal.

Air Compressor 

light machinery

It is light machinery that sources other air tools. They are used to reduce the gas volume and increase the pressure and heat. This generated heat is used in many other operations. Air compressors use gas or electricity to operate.


Are used to reduce the size of waste materials. They are powered by hydraulics and comes in different sizes and shapes.

Cone Crusher

Is a machine that crushes 2 conical surface rocks. It squeezes the rock pieces into tiny portions. There are 2 types of cone crushers, fine head, and stand head. Fine head cutters are able to produce a finer product because of the small openings as compared to stand head.

Concrete Cutter

light machinery

As the name suggests, is used to remove concrete by drilling or sawing. They or petrol or diesel operated and can be used for sawing concrete walls for expanding doors or windows that are made from concrete. They are also used to remove the concrete floor and pathways.

Motor Grader

It is used to level any surface like roads and construction sites. There are 3 types of graders on the basis of their strength, namely Cat motor, Brushless motor, and rotor nut motor. They are mostly used in landfilling and Maintenence of public roads.

Trencher Machine 

It is used for digging trenches, used for construction, agriculture, and laying of pipelines. They can be used for plumbing, irrigation, underground construction, Gas, and sewer services.


light machinery

Light machinery that looks like a fork is placed under the loads and is used to lift and move materials. They are mostly powered by diesel or LPG. Its main application is transferring materials to the job site, lifting, and moving materials.

Paving Block Machine 

It is used to lay different blocks of concrete, tiles, bricks, and stones. They are used for paving pathways, parking lots, and commercial centers. There are several types of block paving machine and they vary on the basis of production.


light machinery

A dumper is used to carry materials to and within a construction site and is mostly designed to deal in smaller items like glass, plastics, rubber, and metals, etc.

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