Construction is a kind of complex process. There are various materials available in the market. And one of the major products to be used is Cement. Banshiwala Cements LLP, Leading Manufacturers of PPC and OPC Cement India presents you with high-quality cement products. Let’s proceed further to know more about different varieties of cement.

Leading Manufacturers of PPC and OPC Cement India

Cement plays a significant role in any kind of construction. It also comprises the major part of the general expenses on a particular construction of a building. Given its importance, it is essential to know the various sorts of cement accessible in the market and how to pick between them.

In India, there are three sorts of cement accessible in the market; Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC), Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC) and Portland Slag Cement (PSC). Each of the three can be utilized to develop buildings and other constructional structures, large or small. PPC and PSC are otherwise called mixed cement since fly ash and slag are blended in with cement separately. To check the prices and more information about various varieties of cement, check the official website of Leading Manufacturers of PPC and OPC Cement India.

In numerous districts, it is conceivable that just one sort of cement is broadly accessible. This is on the grounds that the raw materials required to manufacture every variation are accessible at less prices in some local regions. For instance, in the Eastern locale, fly ash from steel plants is accessible in higher amounts. Fly ash is one of the primary fixings in PSC. Henceforth, PSC is comparatively more accessible in the eastern regions. Similarly, the Southern region has numerous thermal power plants from where fly ash is effectively accessible for mixing with cement in the assembling of PPC.  For any query visit –

PPC and PSC are more environments friendly than OPC since they use waste material as in their manufacturing. PPC commonly utilizes fly ash and PSC utilizes slag created in the heating furnace of steel plants.

Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) 

According to the Cement Users’ Guide of the Indian Cement Journal, OPC is an item acquired by personally combining calcareous material like limestone, chalk, marl and argillaceous material like clay or shale with or without different materials containing silica, alumina or iron oxide, consuming them at a high temperature, and crushing the subsequent moderate item, clinker with gypsum. In the wake of consuming, no material other than gypsum is included. This is the cement, made utilizing the customary procedure without mixing it with some other modern materials. OPC is appropriate for all structures that are not presented to extreme dampness, salt and chemical substances.

Regularly, OPC is accessible in two varieties in the market, grade 43 and grade 53. The evaluation demonstrates the compressive quality of the cement in N/mm2 at 28 days. Contingent upon the structure, any of them can be utilized for development. The words Ordinary Portland Cement is composed of all OPC cement packs.

Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC)

According to the Cement Users’ Guide of the Indian Cement Journal, PPC is produced either by crushing personally together Portland cement clinker, gypsum and a Pozzolana, for example, flying ash or by consistently mixing Portland cement and fine Pozzolana.

The distinction between OPC and PPC is because of the addition of Pozzolana in the last step. The Pozzolana is a siliceous and aluminous material. Fly ash sourced from warm force plants is the most widely recognized wellspring of Pozzolana. According to Indian Standards, 15 to 35% by weight of cement can be included as fly ash. In OPC, dampness responds with calcium hydroxide in cement. This decreases the quality of cement. In PPC, dampness responds with fly ash to shape intensifies that give extra quality. PPC producers demonstrate the accompanying advantages of PPC.

  • Better impermeability; higher protection from water.
  • Lower warmth of hydration; simpler to work with on location.
  • Improved protection from synthetic concoctions.

Because of the essence of fly ash, PPC is normally darker in shading color than OPC. The words Portland Pozzolana Cement is composed of all PPC cement packs.

Fly ash is typically less expensive to acquire if the source is close to the cement plant. In any case, because of its better properties, PPC ordinarily sells at a higher cost than normal to OPC in the market.

We hope to share useful information about PPC and OPC cement with the difference between them along with the uses. We are one of the Leading Manufacturers of PPC and OPC Cement India and aims to provide you the high-quality standards at reasonable rates.