Banshiwala Cement is one of the leading cement company in Rajasthan India. We have a dedicated team to produce high-quality cement using the most advanced techniques in our manufacturing unit. Our cement is made from the best quality minerals and every step of the manufacturing process is carefully scrutinized before reaching the end product. Here, at Banshiwala Cement the utmost priority is client satisfaction.

Down below we have discussed with you some of the techniques that you could keep in mind before constructing your house, to keep your home environmental friendly, and without using any harmful toxic substances during construction.

Eco-Friendly Materials for Your Home – Leading Cement Company in Rajasthan India

Utilize these essential tips to get an Eco-accommodating structure item that is ideal for you, your home, and the environment.

Floor Tiles

Using Bamboo and Linoleum as a flooring material is the best Eco- friendly route you can opt for. Bamboo is the best alternative to hardwood. It is recyclable and can be regrownLeading Cement Company in Rajasthan India. It is also a good substitute for oak. Similarly, Linoleum is a flooring material that is made from tree resin, cork powder, jute, and linseed oil. The pigments present in the Linoleum are very well spread and give a uniform look. These materials do not emit any harmful compounds and can be very easily maintained.

Denim Insulation 

This type of insulation is used to help you stay warm in winter and cool during the summer, and is also used to eliminate the outside noise and make more private space for you. Insulation is always an eco-friendly option and when installed properly can help you save some money by cutting energy bills. The textile waste in this country is increasing day by day, therefore cotton and denim scraps are recycled into denim insulation. This is the most convenient and easiest way to keeping your home eco friendly.

Leading Cement Company in Rajasthan India

Organically Pigmented Paints 

Painting can be one of the most poisonous synthetics you put in your home. Unstable natural mixes filter into the air supply for a considerable length of time after your dividers have been painted, lessening indoor air quality extraordinarily. Utilizing a low or no VOC paint is an incredible decision for you and the environment.

Leading Cement Company in Rajasthan India

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