Cement is the main important material in any construction. It works as a binder that binds sand and aggregate together in concrete cement. There are so many types and theories which is explained How to Check the Quality of Cement but most of the cement require heavy apparatus to check cement quality. We Banshiwala Cement provide some important tips that make you help to check cement quality.

It is not easy to check the all properties of cement on construction time or construction site but there exist some preliminary fields which can give you an idea about the quality of cement.

How to Check the Quality of Cement |

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Here we mentioned some simple tests which you can perform easily to find out the cement quality with no apparatus. These tests include the properties of cement which affect the cement quality and cement strength. Also check: Best Cement Production Company in Rajasthan

Packaging Date or MFG date:

Cement strength depends on the cement life. According to IS specifications, it is important to test the cement quality if it is the store for more than three months.

Age of cement

Percentage of Cement Strength reduction

12 months40%-50%
6 months30%-40%

3 months


Cement Color:

Always remember that the color of the cement should be uniform. The cement has the ideal color which is grey with a light green shade. Cement color also indicates the cement life.

Rubbing Test:

For the rubbing test, take a little pinch of cement and rub it with your figures. If it feels smooth while rubbing it indicates that the cement is fresh and if it is rough it means the cement is mixed with sand.

Check for lumps:

Cement lumps are present in cement because of the presence of moisture. Moisture is a big enemy of cement due to its chemical property. Cement is useless when it is directly connected with hydrated and water.

Float test of Cement:

When you throw cement in water, good quality cement easily sinks in water and does not float on water.

Hand insertion:

When you insert your hand in the cement bag it must give you a cool feeling. It indicates that the no hydration reaction in the cement bag.

Shape test of cement:

Cement is known as hydraulic cement. A good cement always able to set and strength in water.

Specific Gravity of cement:

The specific gravity of cement is an important function of cement if cement is stored for more than three months. Good quality cement always has a specific gravity.

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