People often get confused with the term Cement, Mortar, and Concrete. They may just think of it as things/ substances that are used in masonry that bind with each other on a flat surface. These terms are used incorrectly most of the time, although being treated as synonyms of each other, all three have very different meanings, properties, and usage during construction. Banshiwala is one of the best cement production company in Rajasthan that manufactures standard grade PPC and OPC cement for commercial and residential usage. We use the latest technology in our manufacturing units and quality checks are made at every production level to get the best product for our clients.

Discussed below, is the main difference between Cement, Mortar, and Concrete, to help you know the usage and properties in a better manner. 


Cement is a binding powder that is used as a component with both Mortar and Cement. Made from limestone and clay, these materials are mixed with other minerals and then heated at a very high temperature to get clinkers, gypsum is added to these clinkers, which are again ground into small particles to form cement. It is of 2 types-

  • Ordinary Portland Cement 
  • Portland Pozzolana Cement

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Mortar vs Concrete

Best Cement Production Company in Rajasthan

DerivedMade from Cement, sand, and waterIt is made from Cement, gravel, and sand.
UsageActs like a heavy-duty glue, that is used by masons to bind bricks and other building materials together. It is a bonding element.Has a multipurpose use with anything that requires a mold, like foundations, walls, floors, structural pieces, and interior fixtures. It has structural purposes.
Water- Cement RatioThe ratio is high, this is the reason mortar acts a glue for binding materials.The ratio is low, therefore it can’t be used as a binding element.
CompositionIt is a thick mixture and less strong and durable than concrete.The mixture is thin but more strong and durable than Mortar.
PropertiesIt has different types and properties, each used for a specific applicationIt works the same with every type and is most flexible to take the shape of a mold.
AvailabilityAvailable in 2 types, i.e grout, and Thin-setConcrete can be made by mixing cement with gravel and sand and can be also purchased as “ready-mix” concrete, where you just have to add water.

Best Cement Production Company in Rajasthan

There are multiple differences between Cement, Mortar, and Concrete. It all depends on the properties and the area of usage. Their application and overall strength vary and the quality of cement is of utmost importance, as it is the basic component that is available in everything. To get top quality cement, buy from the best cement production company in Rajasthan.