Limestone, clay, and gypsum are the major ingredients that are used to produce cement. There are almost 20-30 different types of cement among which the Portland Cement is the most common of all, which is used to make different types of concrete. Banshiwala Cement is one of the best cement manufacturer industry in India, that is known for producing top-quality A grade cement. Our main aim is to deliver the best possible quality using the finest minerals and materials. Our products are tailor-made to suit the Indian climatic conditions. Described below is our cement manufacturing process.


                                                                                     * MIXING OF RAW MATERIAL
                                                                                     * BURNING
                                                                                     * GRINDING
                                                                                     * STORING AND PACKING


  • Calcium- Found in Limestone, calcite, seashells, shale, etc.
  • Silicon- Clay, sand, fly ash, etc
  • Iron- Blast furnace dust, Iron ore

These primary minerals and their different forms are mixed together by using either a dry or a wet process.


In the rotary Kiln, the burning process is initiated. The kiln is heated by coal or gas at a temperature of approximately 1400 celsius. This is done to convert the kiln feed into a clinker. The processed clinker particles are cooled down at a cooler grate and taken to clinker storage.


Gypsum is added to the clinker particles which are then ground into small particles to make cement. All of this process happens in cement mills, where after the grinding process the cement is taken into a separator where coarse and fine particles are separated. The fine particles are stored whereas the coarse pieces are further sent for grinding.


The cement manufactured is stored in silos, which is finally sent to the buyers.

Best Cement Manufacturer Industry in India

During the whole process of cement manufacturing, every step is deeply scrutinized to avoid any error in quality control. We are one of the Best Cement Manufacturer Industry in India and we believe in making quality products for usage by each and every individual. 


Be Subsidence Savvy

Subsidence doesn’t generally spell debacle. Signs of subsidence incorporate enormous splits that appear to have developed from littler ones, especially when they get more extensive and show up toward the sides of window and entryway openings. Splits that are more than 3 mm wide on the outside of a structure ought to likewise raise the caution. Search too for entryways and windows that have started to stick.

The fundamental issue with subsidence is that it will be difficult to acquire structures protection, you will be left to either pay for any important treatment yourself, at that point get protection, which is probably going to have a major premium, or to get the vendor to make a case against their back up plans, permitting work to be done under their strategy. All that might be required is for trees to be expelled or depletes fixed.

Careful Damping

There are a few reasons for moisture, with some more expensive to fix than others. Sometimes it is frequently self-evident water blemishes on floors and dividers being indications. Once in awhile buildup will likewise be unmistakable on dividers and windows. Causes run from spilling canals and blocked channels to wrong present-day intercessions, for example, concrete renders, and solid floors, and infused clammy evidence courses. These are somewhat more expensive to cure. For any query visit the Best Cement Company in Rajasthan.

Check for Rot

Ensure you’re watching out for spoil or growth that can annihilate timber. Decay shows up in seriously ventilated conditions and it is regularly found in the rooftop space or Underwood planks in old houses. Post for cotton fleece type masses and a solid smelly smell when you lift the rug. Wet soil isn’t such a large amount of an issue, happening in timber presented to elevated levels of dampness.

Don’t Let Cracks Scare you

Try not to let breaks frighten you away. Individuals quickly expect all splits are awful; however, they are not constantly an indication of subsidence. Splits obvious in only a solitary block or the mortar by a window or entryway are not as rule indications of an auxiliary issue that can be recovered by using concrete from the Best Cement Manufacturer Industry in India. In any case, increasingly broad breaks that appear to follow an example, for example, through a few blocks, can highlight something all the more stressful.

Check the Roof

Broken or missing rooftop tiles, flashing, or under felt and worn pointing on the rooftop should be noted. On the off chance that only a couple of tiles need supplanting, it will just cost a few hundred pounds, however, if the harm is broad, another rooftop might be required for the house.

We are the Best Cement Manufacturer Industry In India that is distinguished for manufacturing high-quality cement. The company aims to fulfill different constructional requirements of various industries in the market.