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Every person on this earth cannot afford or have access to Air conditioning especially in a country like India where owning an AC that to in all of your rooms is just restricted to the rich and upper-middle classes. These days people are going economical by making their houses heat-insulated to beat summer without a hike in their electricity bills. These techniques are existing since long back and are used by our grandfathers and forefathers during earlier times when AC and other cooling methods were not even invented.

Materials like concrete and stone that are dense, have a certain type of composition and properties that act as a heat insulator. They also have a slow heat transmission capacity which is also called a thermal lag, a good ability to store heat and low capacity of heat redistribution. These kinds of materials, when used in abundance, can rerelease passive cooling and their insulation properties are heightened. 


Orientation for the Ideal Position

Best Cement Manufacturer in Rajasthan India

A place receiving an ideal measure of warmth and cold to keep winters warm and summers cool individually makes a perfect place to live. Keeping the sun’s way and direction of winds in mind, orientate your home to get the greater part of natural light in the area. Orientate the largest side of the house towards north and south to maintain a strategic distance from the sunlight especially in summers. During the construction of your home, an attempt that a greater number of the windows face south than either east or west would be better. Shifting the size of the windows is additionally essential for controlling the entrance and departure of the climatic components.

Proper Insulation

Best Cement Manufacturer in Rajasthan India

 Protecting all the key regions like dividers, windows, main doors, roofs, and ceilings would bar the passage of warmth in the summers and cold in the winter. There are two fundamental kinds of protection strategies.

  •  Bulk protection: It is the most well-known kind of protection that uses air as the main protecting material which is being encapsulated inside the building structure. The structure can be comprised of blankets, sheets, and covers. 
  • Reflective foil protection: This sort of protection utilizes a foil that reflects the warmth into a similar medium. It is a perfect decision for hotter atmospheres.

Design for Effective Cross Ventilation

An effective plan for a powerful cross-ventilation framework guarantees that the home is appropriately cooled by keeping up a consistent course of air starting with one side of your home then onto the next. Plan the measures of the windows and entryways cautiously as their sizes sway the degree of cross ventilation.

Application of Reflective Roof Coating

Best Cement Manufacturer in Rajasthan IndiaA Reflective Roof Coating of any light shading can be laid on the ceiling of a structure to prevent the warmth entering into the building. Exactly how Ice/snow reflects UV beams as opposed to retaining it, light-shaded rooftop reflects the warmth and keeps a structure cool. White limewash is the most well-known material coat to be used to keep the surfaces cool but it gets washed away in the rains and has to be reapplied. If you want to know more about suitable roofing material, click on Best Cement Manufacturer in Rajasthan India

Adoption of Suitable Roofing Material

Best Cement Manufacturer in Rajasthan India

There are a variety of materials available in the market to limit the passage of warmth into a house. Blend of scrap material like a paper tube with mud tiles and ferrocrete and other materials are known to have better resistance to heat in compared to ordinary tin sheets and RCC. If you want to know more about suitable roofing material, click on Best Cement Manufacturer in Rajasthan India.                        

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